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It all starts with playing game seriously CHAPTER LIST
  • It all starts with playing game seriously

    Alternative : 从认真玩游戏开始崛起
  • Author(s) : 愛のチカラで恋をするのだ
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Mar 24, 12:05
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  • view : 2.165.778
  • Genre : Action, Adventure
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It all starts with playing game seriously:

even an ant can make a comeback in life, if he worked hard.Nothing is fated, you and i can both be a black horse. Game ( yuan world) descended in reality, player obtains character’s ability, the world hence gone into chaos. Hiding his intention to win but scared of dying liu yi reincarnated , first of all, he needs to start to take games seriously and overcome his fear and not be scared, so he can become a hero, and save the world. but will he be able to do that? find out more by reading it
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